Why Read This Book?


"A smart, valuable and much needed business book!"

                                                                       Douglas Mo, Attorney at Law

Why do you need this book?
How is it different?
Why do people like it?
What’s all the buzz about?
And what are “street smarts,” anyway?

Street smarts are what you get from doing it, not from reading about it.  Yes, we had college educations so we’re reasonably book smart but we’re also street smart. Our success was much more a result of what we learned on the street creating and running businesses. Way more important. Way more useful. And, we’re two guys who actually did it.

We started one of our first companies with $1,000 and a good idea, nothing brilliant – it was in the magazine publishing business.  You’ll learn more about that experience as the book unfolds. We think you’ll enjoy it because we’re regular guys you can relate to.

Very soon we realized that this business could be big if we played it right. We then had to figure out how to not screw it up and how to make it as successful as we could, hoping to sell it eventually and make some serious money.

Which is exactly what we did.

We built the company into a multi-million dollar business and then sold it debt-free to the Meredith Corporation, a large media company. But that’s not the point.

The point is we identified and followed seven specific disciplines to get there. Our success in this business and the continuing success in our lives have been the result of the flawless execution of every discipline in this book.

This is the first book that explains the how and why of disciplines.

We knew that our next career would be to pass on this knowledge and experience to people like you who have the ideas and ambition – but maybe not all the tools and techniques – to succeed. In simple, straight talk we give you an honest look at how things really get done and what it really takes to succeed in business and, yes, life.

So, this is the book we have to give you, and it’s priceless. We share it with those who have a burning desire to realize their dreams of success and everything it represents: independence, security, freedom, wealth, happiness, and maybe even fame.

When we finalized the manuscript we sent it to a bunch of people – MBAs, academics, corporate executives, and successful street smart guys like us – who just tell it like it is. They all said essentially the same thing: this is the book that has been missing all these years – a distillation of indispensable business disciplines for success.

The good news is that all the stuff we share with you works. The bad news is that it’s not easy. There are no short-cuts, no overnight successes. It took us years to figure out exactly what the disciplines are and to isolate and distill the seven most vital ones that true success demands.

With this book you can succeed pretty fast because you won’t waste any time learning how. We know it works and we’re going to show you, step-by-step. All you have to do is follow these seven disciplines all the time, no matter what. We still do.

Remember, lots of obstacles will be thrown in your way so you need real-world weapons to break through.  You’re going to war. Understand these disciplines, and most important, apply and master them, and you’ll be ready.

Successfully yours,
John Kuhn and Mark Mullins