The Street Smart Advisory Group


An International consulting firm servicing a wide array of industries

Our seasoned advisory team has decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, and specializing in small to medium-size companies to maximize their growth, revenue, and value creation.

We help our clients develop a clear vision, direction, and results with agility and speed. We build high-performance companies and create smart organizations by preparing them for a changing marketplace in an ever-changing world.

We work to optimize all operations through the implementation of disciplined processes and provide specific strategic and tactical advice to help clients achieve their goals.

Our core consulting strengths lie in the planning and execution of value creation and optimization programs designed to achieve revenue and profit growth.

* Goals/targets: Strategic deep-drill review to achieve corporate objectives

* Customer attraction/retention: Sales and marketing analysis

* Team assessment and analysis

* Systems and process optimization

* Increasing speed of execution

* Industry/market competitive assessment

* Understanding and managing complexity

* Operational/managerial efficiency

* Revenue/productivity/profit assessment

* Growth, development and value creation 

John Kuhn and Mark Mullins
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Our clients tell their story!

"We have taken a leadership position in our industry by executing the Street Smart Disciplines. John and Mark have provided the go-to advice for every situation! Their consulting team helped shape our mission statement, our strategy, what we do, and how we do it. The results have been outstanding. We increased our revenue dramatically  in one year, and profits continue to show steady growth year over year."

                                    Tony Genovese
                                    President and CEO
     Enhance Medical Systems

"Our company has successfully integrated the Street Smart Advisory Group's advice into our daily operations and have seen a profound effect. Our firm is dramatically more effective; our sales efforts are more focused, and our communication has become incredibly more productive. In the last two years, our revenue has doubled and our profit has increased by over 15 percent. The disciplined systems and strategies  helped us change the way we do business, and we will never go back to our old methods of working. We have been in business over twenty years, but by integrating their disciplines into our playbook, we have seen results beyond our wildest expectations."

                                    Jerry Koch
      Chemtron/River Bend Labs