Don’t kid youself! Business is tough!

Many business books are written entertainingly  to make it seem easy. This is not that kind of book. This is the real  world of business. This is reality. Sure, an inspirational guru can give  you a kick in the pants that inspires you to have a great business  idea. But then what? Then you need this book.

 If you find it a hard slog, fine. Leave it and come back to it. That’s how we intended you to  use it. As a constant reference guide. A support. A help when the going  gets tough. And it will. Business doesn’t make things easy for you.  Business just throws obstacles at you. You need weapons. This is a big  book of weapons, with two street-smart guys who explain how to use them,  in plain words, not business school style. This is street-smart style. A  whole different kind of school. This is straight talk. This is not  theory. This is execution.

"The only book that shows what is really takes to succeed  in business. One of the most honest books I’ve read.” 
                                Michael Kenny,  Founder/CEO,,                                 (Subsidiary of