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These disciplines represent the knowledge and experience of many successful business people. Study them carefully and practice them religiously. The alternative is a long and painful learning curve, which you cannot afford.


Mark Mullins and John Kuhn have hit it out of the park with their new book, “Street Smart Disciplines of Successful People: 7 Indispensable Disciplines For Breakout Business Success. They speak with authority because they’ve built and sold wildly successful businesses. It always amazes me how people can write books about how to build a successful business when they’ve never really done it themselves. Wouldn’t you rather take advice from someone who really knows what they’re talking about! If you want to build a company that has value and sustainability, then this is a must read. Learn from the masters not the pretenders.

Susan Solovic
Leading small business expert
Author of New York Times Bestseller, “It’s Your Biz”
and Fox Business correspondent.


 If you read only one business book this year make it this one.

Dan Weil
Village Associates Real Estate


This is the book I wish I had when I first started my travel business, which eventually became one of the largest internet companies in Asia. Following the disciplines in this practical, street savvy guide will help you work smart, save you time and money and most importantly achieve success in business. Keep this book close by, as you will want to refer to it again and again.

Michael Kenny
( subsidiary since 2007)
Bangkok, Thailand


A smart, valuable and much needed business book.

Douglas Mo,
Attorney at Law


Einstein’s admonition, “Make everything as simple as possible but no simpler”, stresses the importance of basics, fundamentals, etc. and Kuhn and Mullins obviously agree, as indicated by the wealth of their own admonitions as well as key questions provided in this book. It will help the decision-makers who read it to achieve “breakout success,” whatever the size and nature of their business may be. Kuhn and Mullins recommend seven “Street Smart Disciplines” and devote a separate chapter to each, strategically inserting within each dozens of “From the Street” sections. No brief commentary such as this can do full justice to the scope of material that John Kuhn and Mark Mullins cover. .

Robert Morris-Hall of Fame
Top 50 Book Reviewer


“No-nonsense advice in a business book that hits the mark! Packaged in easily digestible chunks and a tone of blunt honesty, they tell it like it is. The result is refreshingly different business writing. You’ve got to hand it to Kuhn and Mullins. The pair started a company with $1,000, built it into a multimillion-dollar business and then sold it to a large corporation; success was based on the flawless execution of seven disciplines they identified and followed. Wise business counsel from guys who got there the hard way—and who want to help the reader forge an easier path.”

Kirkus Book Reviews


Working in venture capital for over 35 years, I have worked with people at hundreds of companies. Those that experienced Breakout Success had one thing in common; a set of disciplines they rigorously followed and, most importantly, executed with great commitment. Street Smart Disciplines captures the essence of good business practices and distills the most important business disciplines into a simple, no-nonsense language, with practical, powerful, down-to-earth lessons. These pages are packed with fresh thinking, sound advice, and pure common sense that true success demands. John and Mark demystify the process of achieving Breakout Success.

Frank Caufield, Cofounder
Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, and Byers


A must read for anyone who wants to experience breakout success in business. Kuhn and Mullins share the lessons of their exceptional thirty-plus years of experience presented in a step-by-step tutorial of habits, skills, and critical knowledge (real “from the street”) that the reader can immediately put into practice. Their enthusiastic style reflects their own drive, focus, and strategic achievement and success in business. Each chapter provides valuable “put into practice” strategies for success—readily accessible and to the point.

Judy Lamb
Sr. Lecturer of Education
Washington University, St. Louis


Our company has successfully integrated the Street Smart Disciplines into our daily operations and have seen a profound effect. Our firm is dramatically more effective; our sales efforts are more focused, and our communication has become incredibly more productive. In the last two years, our revenue has doubled and our profit has increased by over 15 percent. The disciplines outlined in this book helped us change the way we do business, and we will never go back to our old methods of working. We have been in business over twenty years, but by integrating the disciplines into our playbook, we have seen results beyond our wildest expectations.

Jerry Koch
Chemtron/River Bend Labs


We have taken a leadership position in our industry by executing the Street Smart Disciplines. John and Mark have provided the go-to reference book for every situation! The disciplines helped shape our mission statement, our strategy, what we do, and how we do it. The results have been outstanding. We increased our revenue over 100 percent in one year, and profits are going through the roof.

Tony Genovese
President and CEO
Enhance Medical Systems

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