About the Book

A must read for anyone who wants to achieve extraordinary business success.
These are the disciplines that can change everything!

Street Smart Disciplines of Successful People:
7 Indispensable Disciplines For Breakout Business Success

By John A. Kuhn and Mark K. Mullins

These indispensable disciplines are drawn from real people, real experiences, real successes, real problems, and real solutions. They are tried and true, time tested, and proven on the street by the authors, successful companies, and successful people—from Wall Street to Main Street—and include a wealth of advice, tips, tactics, techniques, and strategies that work.

Learn how to:
• Develop a Dynamic Plan for Breakout Success
• Maximize Yourself and Your Ideas
• Duplicate Winning Strategies of Successful People
• Manage Change and Complexity
• Master the Mental Game of Doing Business
• Establish Bulletproof Financial Systems and Controls
• Create Powerful and Compelling Presentations
• Seek out Role Models, Mentors, and Smart People
• Optimize Your Resources
…and much more.

About the Authors: Kuhn and Mullins speak from experience, compiling decades of corporate, entrepreneurial, and academic experience. They started one of their first companies on a shoestring for less than $1,000 and built it into a multimillion-dollar success, eventually selling it to a Fortune 500 media company. They continue to use and teach the disciplines for success.

Inside the Book

What if one book let you access decades of real world, street smart business experience and best practices mined from successful people and businesses encapsulated into 7 easy to understand and executable action plans for Breakout Success?

What if you could immediately start applying this vast storehouse of knowledge that combines the winning perspectives of successful entrepreneurial, corporate and academic experts? With this book it’s no longer a question of if but when. Street Smart Disciplines of Successful People provides the indispensable disciplines that will help you pave your way to success.

For decades the authors worked on isolating the essential and vital disciplines that people must incorporate into their playbook to reach the pinnacle of success. Kuhn and Mullins share the lessons of their exceptional experience presented in a step by step tutorial of habits, skills and critical knowledge (real “from the street”) that the reader can immediately put into practice. Their enthusiastic style reflects their own drive, focus and strategic achievement and success in business. Each chapter provides valuable “put into practice” strategies for success – readily accessible and to the point.

Street Smart Disciplines is like having a personal business consultant and career coach right at your desk whenever you need it!

Street Smart Disciplines captures the essence of good business practices and distills the most important business disciplines into a simple, no-nonsense language, with practical, powerful, down-to-earth lessons. These pages are packed with fresh thinking, sound advice and pure common sense that true success demands. The authors demystify the process of achieving Breakout Success. Just integrate the disciplines one by one into your life and business and raise the bar in everything you do. You will achieve more success and personal fulfillment in your life than you ever thought possible!

A must read for anyone who wants to achieve extraordinary success in business. The Street Smart Disciplines’ eye-opening insights and practical wisdom will inspire and guide go-getters who want to climb the corporate ladder, aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch new businesses and established business owners who want to take their organizations to the next level.

Behind the Book

The purpose for writing this book was to share our knowledge and expertise from decades of business experience and the meticulous mining of best practices from successful people and companies worldwide. The Disciplines that we discuss throughout the book will help you reach new levels of peak performance and provide new benchmarks for perfection. It’s up to you, however, to integrate them into your life and business. If you do, you will see the results—everyone does.

The book is meant to be read more than once and ideally kept as a reference. Because, as you’ll see, there is a lot of information within each discipline: street-smart, practical advice that should be referred to, practiced, and executed regularly.

We have been referring to these disciplines for decades. The underlying key to breakout success is to always go back to sound business basics, the fundamentals that these vital disciplines provide.

We’ve isolated what we felt were 7 vital disciplines, but there may be more that you, your colleagues, partners, employees, bosses, or others have found to help you along your way.

Let us know about your discipline, how it became one and how it worked for you. We’ll post your discipline and share your success with our online community. Every part of your journey towards Breakout Success is important to us and we welcome any messages, questions and any stories you may have. We’d be delighted to hear from you!

John Kuhn and Mark Mullins

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