Pave the way for Breakout Success in 2013 – Have a Future-Focused and Change-Oriented Mentality

Have a Future-Focused and Change-Oriented Mentality

Have a Future-Focused and Change-Oriented Mentality

A vital element for paving the way to breakout success in 2013 is to have the awareness and understanding that today’s business environment demands the development of a future-focused, change-oriented mentality and an actionable execution plan.

Incredible advances in technology, communication, information processing, and globalization are continuing at a ferocious pace. As a result, exponential changes in the marketplace, the competitive landscape, and customer behaviors are continually revolutionizing the way we do business. The only safe prediction is that the era of the predictable business environment is over.

Today many business models are changing rapidly while others are becoming obsolete as technology and globalization move at these terrific speeds; creating a new business reality fraught with uncertainty. In an instant, you could find your niche getting squeezed, requiring you to aggressively defend your turf, or worse, you could be blindsided without even the chance to fight off your predators. The unexpected is to be expected.

With change happening faster than at any time since the Industrial Revolution, there must be a paradigm shift to manage this change and complexity, regardless of the business you’re in. To thrive in this rapidly changing environment, the quality of the questions you ask may very likely determine the level of your success.  Here are a few to be asking:

  • What do you need to do to keep on succeeding?
  • Are you truly equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to deal with this highly complex and rapidly changing business world?
  • Are you staying abreast of developments in your industry that might affect your business?
  • Are you spotting new trends and opportunities before it’s too late?
  • How will advancements in technology, communications and globalization potentially change the way you do business?
  • Could these changing trends affect customers’ buying habits and impact your business?
  • Are you using the right tools, technologies and methods to understand and track the competition?
  • Are you looking for blind spots that could keep you from seeing red flags, fault lines, and your own complacency?

In this age of innovation mania, forward thinking strategies are not about creating stability but about successfully creating and managing change. The idea is to build on bright spots- improving what you have, innovating what you don’t have and protecting what you do have. Your continued success and competitiveness rests on your ability change, improve, innovate and unlock new opportunities.

To succeed today; more than ever, you must be future focused and change oriented.

John Kuhn 7 Indispensable Disciplines Mark Mullins

John Kuhn and Mark Mullins are business consultants with decades of corporate, entrepreneurial and academic experience. Their newly published book is: Street Smart Disciplines of Successful People – 7 Indispensable Disciplines for Breakout Success.

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